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Our Path of discovery

We are only gifted with one life.

There are no second chances, which is why we must make the most of every day.

For some, that carpe diem philosophy means travel and adventure; for others, it means indulging in life’s more hedonistic pleasures. But for anyone who embraces every day, that should also mean living a long and healthy lifespan.

At The LifePath Co. we believe that this should be everyone’s focus. Based at the Wellness Centre in North Allerton, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom, LifePath is spearheading a global movement in the way people approach health and wellness, and the way they live their lives.

Our Passion

Founded by Warren and Christine Rodrigues, LifePath is comprised of individuals dedicated to helping others achieve optimum health, so that they may live the life that is rightfully theirs.

Our passion is transforming lives, and helping people live natural and extended lifespans. Life is a journey. It may be different journey for everyone, but the one common denominator is that the healthier someone is throughout life, the longer that journey becomes.

We believe that true health and longevity should be the norm, not the exception, and that the opportunity to change the direction a life is taking is just a step away - a step toward optimum health, true happiness and real success.

Global Longevity Study

Our study looks at ageing populations around the world, and aims to find any commonalities.

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Corporate Wellness Workshops

Our wellness workshop goal is to motivate and improve the productivity of your workforce

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