The LP Global Longevity Study

Why do certain countries (or specific regions) see higher numbers of centenarians per capita than others? Different factors have been proposed as contributing to longevity, but there has been little explanation as to what ties these disparate ageing populations together.

Although genetics certainly play a part in determining life expectancy, ageing is also a biological process which is absolutely dependent on external factors such as lifestyle and diet. These factors can either lengthen or shorten an individual’s life span.

Our Goal

Our goal is to keep the Life Path Longevity study active and updated over the next 50 years. This will involve not only interviewing “new centenarians” each year, but also revisiting those magnificent individuals we have already met as they approach new milestones in their lives.


The LifePath Co. has a simple mantra: a long and healthy life should be the norm, rather than the exception. Nevertheless, every year there are millions of people around the world who die ahead of their time. We believe that many of these deaths could be avoided with only minor changes in lifestyle and diet, which is why we started the LP Global Longevity Study.

Our ambitious goals for the LifePath GLS have so far been 100% self-funded, but as the scope of the study expands, we are reaching out to any donors who are interested in helping us to maintain this groundbreaking project.

The study aims to identify the specific dietary and lifestyle factors which contribute to achieving a great age. With the information we are collating, we hope to educate people that small adjustments can make a big difference in preventing the onset of certain illnesses or diseases. Genetics only gets each of us so far – if we want to maximise our lifespan those additional years are down to our own decisions.

This is a truly global study, whose ultimate goal to improve the lives of everyone around world. Our findings will be made freely available upon request, and may be quoted or republished provided The LifePath Co. is referenced as the source of the information.