Corporate Wellness Workshops

Our wellness workshops are based on the research and work we have been doing at LifePath over the last few years. Our passion, as always, is to transform lives. Our workshops help you help your employees to do just that.

The key to any successful company is a productive, motivated workforce. When your employees know that you care about them, they start each day happy - morale is higher, the office environment is more pleasant, and the work gets done.

Even the best-run organisations are nevertheless impacted by absenteeism due to illness or long-term health problems among their employees. Corporations are now beginning to realise that empowering their employees with basic knowledge on health and wellness is one of the greatest corporate benefits they could possibly offer.

A valuable investment

Each employee is unique, as are their individual tastes and beliefs, but the rules for staying healthy are virtually the same for everyone. By educating your employees and assisting them in making some simple and subtle changes, they can begin transforming themselves in a very short period of time.

A healthy employee is a valuable employee, one who is more alert at work, adopts better working habits, and misses fewer days to illness. By giving your employees the tools for achieving true health and a longer life you gain in return a more productive, highly-motivated workforce.

Put another way: for a modest investment in the health of your employees, you will see a considerable increase in the health of your balance sheet. Studies show that every Dollar, Pound or Euro spent on Corporate Wellness is returned at least three times over, and that is on health care costs alone. When you factor in the increased output from a much healthier more energetic work force, the cost savings to your organisation become even greater.

By investing in the well-being of your employees, you’ll see the benefits immediately!

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